Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hip Hostess (Grandma/Teacher/Sister) Gifts under $40

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Shop our Kitchen Collection to find perfect personalized holiday gifts for everyone on your list, from the babysitter to your cool little sister. Best of all, they're all less than $40!
From our $10 mugs and placemats to our personalized cutting boards, you'll earn your stripes as professionally awesome gift-giver with these cool options.

We're so into our mugs right now, EVERYONE we know will be getting a mug or ten from us this year! We're pretty hardcore coffee drinkers, but we'll make an exception for other tasty beverages... so here's five of our favorite ways to "spice" up your hot cocoa this holiday season!

Yummy Hot Cocoa Ideas

1. Can't get more Christmas-y than Peppermint Schnapps. We recommend using a candy cane as a stirrer... that's what they're for, right?

2. COCOA-nut! Check this awesome recipe for hot chocolate and coconut rum. Yum.
Classic Hot Cocoa & Brandy

3.Class it up with this super sweet and sinful recipe for brandied hot cocoa. Now if only we knew how to get a fire going in the fireplace...
Adult Hot Cocoa

4. Marshmallow vodka. And add real marshmallows too, of course!

Irish Hot Chocolate
5. Irish Hot Cocoa... whiskey, Irish Creme.... ahhh. We know Christmas is for the kids, so we deserve a grown-up treat! We give you permission to whip one of these yummy treats up to enjoy while you do some holiday shopping!

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