Friday, December 6, 2013

Looking for Fuss Free Naps and a Tear Free Bedtime?

Shop Personalized Pillowcases from Psychobaby

Cool personalized pillowcases are the best way we know to entice the little ones into bed or coerce them into taking a nap. Helping your kiddo embrace bedtime can be an uphill battle 364 days of the year, but Christmas Eve? Good luck! It's only the MOST exciting night of the year for little ones... don't you remember laying awake, trying to wait up to catch Santa and his helpers in the act? We always thought it was a funny coincidence how Santa's fave cookie was the same as Dad's fave... anyway, here's a few tips to get your Psychobaby to bed on Christmas Eve:

  • Save the sugar for earlier in the day. This time of year, it's virtually impossible to avoid all the tasty Christmas cookies and candy canes... let your little one indulge if you'd like, just let them have sugary snacks early enough in the day so they have time to run off all the extra energy before bedtime!

  • For real, make them run off all the extra energy! Go sledding, take a walk around the neighborhood to admire Christmas lights, build the biggest, best snowman your block has ever seen. Getting the kiddos good and tired before it gets dark out is a surefire way they'll crash out on time.

  • Let them have some bedtime milk and cookies... minus the cookies. Warm milk may actually cause us to feel sleepy because of that magic turkey chemical tryptophan... or we may just benefit from the calming effect of a cozy beverage before bed. (How about putting that milk in a fun personalized mug?)

Unfortunately, we don't have any way to keep your Psychobaby from waking you up at 5 am to open presents... that's just part of Christmas!

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