Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Kid Who Has Everything Def Does Not Have This!

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Personalized gifts for kids are a sure-fire way to make this holiday extra special. Once they're old enough, kiddos love recognizing their own name. Here's seven of our favorite ways to  to personalize your Psychobaby's Christmas!

1. Santa's tech-savvy, so it seems. Check out the crazy Christmas app/website portablenorthpole.com and hook your kiddos up with a personalized video message or phone call from Saint Nick!

2. Transform some Twinkies (or your choice of snack cake) into personalized edible stockings with a little decorator's icing and candy.

3. Make some silly star ornaments with the little ones using fun foam letters to spell out their names.

4. What a charming gift or keepsake for your kiddos - grab some favorite photographs and check out these cool, sparkly DIY snow globes!

5. Use this recipe for salt dough ornaments - we tried it out using letter shaped cookie cutters (or tracing your kiddo's initial) and let them decorate it with colorful markers. Total hit, and your tree will be just a little bit merrier with a few of these hanging on it!

6. Short on time? Grab some letter stickers from the craft store and any ornament to make an instant personalized ornament for everyone in your family.

7. Let us do the work and make your Psychobaby the perfect personalized gift: shop now!

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