Friday, April 30, 2010

Oi! Exclusive Kids Mowhawk Hoodies!

If you walk together, why not rock together? In honor of our 7th birthday, we present these cool, Psychobaby exclusive mohawk hoodies from Jannuzzi! At $39, don't miss your chance to punk up your style!

3 Cool Things To Do This Weekend!

Been cooped up with that cabin fever all winter? Now is the time to get back into circulation! The sun is out, the birds are singing, and there are 3 Very Cool Things To Do With Your Kids this weekend

1. Psychobaby's 7th Punk Rock Birthday Bash! Stop by the brick and mortar for hardcore surprise discounts and giveaway anarchy!!! Can't make it in for all the fun? Shop online, 'cos all purchases over $100 come with a free Punk Rock tote! OI!
May 1 (10-6) May 2 (11-5) May 3 (10-6)
1630 N. Damen, Chicago, IL 60647

2. Rock out at the Kids' Concert at the Sub-T Lounge with Super Stolie, who is bringing the rock for Cinco De Mayo! The show starts at 3pm, but the first 50 early birds will receive free tees from Psychobaby!

May 1, 2010
3 pm
2011 W. North Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647

3. It's easy bein' green when you attend the Wicker Park Garden Club's Plant Sale and Workshops this weekend! Flowering annuals and perennials, herbs, vegetables & heirloom tomatoes = awesome!

1425 N. Damen, Chicago, IL
May 1 and 2, 10-4 pm.

If you are in the 'hood, stop on by and say hello at our brick and mortar - there may even be a surprise guest Saturday afternoon.... we're just sayin'!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Oi! 'Appy sevenf Birfday to us!

Join the straight-edge celebration at Psychobaby's Punk Rock birthday bash!
Thursday, April 29th-Monday May 3rd at 1630 N Damen Ave. Click here for more details!

Free Punk Rock tote bag with every purchase over $100 in-store or online!
*Limited quantity. While supplies last.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Young, Loud and Snotty?

No one's more Punk Rock than little kids! They're loud, they never sleep and they puke everywhere! Nurture your unique sense of irreverent style with a Sourpuss Ramones Diaper Bag, $35.00. Crank up nap time with Rockabye Baby's Ramones CD, $16.98. Who needs a green mohawk when you can get more attention with this rockin' Daddy's Girl tank, $33.00 and black and white skort, $39.00 from Micro Me. Blow their socks off with these Me in Mind sneaker socks, $26.00 (6 pairs). Get them dancing off the walls with Vans original punk style, $32.00-$37.00 or give little Johnny his own custom tee from Psychobaby's Custom Shop, $26.00.

Cool Peeps: Rose Astorina and Griffin Maks!

Griffin Maks and Rose Astorina

Rose Astorina: Mommy. Wife. Fox News Exec. Non-hodgkins lymphoma survivor. From the moment we met Rose Astorina, we were so inspired by her story, and we are thrilled to introduce you. Rose, who has dedicated her life to raising money to fight blood cancers, has been nominated for the LLS Woman of the Year, sponsoring young Griffin Maks who, at the tender age of four, is battling leukemia. Here's a bit about Rose in her own words:

My idea of happiness is... Being in remission and enjoying my family while working towards a world without cancer

My heroes are... My 4 year old son, Johnny. For always wanting to kiss Mommy’s “boo-boo’s” and make me better. For making me smile on my darkest days, all at the tender age of two. He had a lot of growing up to do long before he should have.

My husband John for being my greatest strength, my nurse, my chauffeur, my shoulder to cry on and my crutch, both emotionally and psychically. The love of my life, he never let me down and took Johnny and me to Hawaii in December 2008 to celebrate my remission.

My Parents, 5 siblings and friends for giving me the courage to get through the toughest battle of my life!

What talent would you like to develop? I would love to learn to dance, ballroom style. I think ABC should do "Dancing With The Survivors."

What is your personal motto? " Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain."

Find out more about Rose and her LLS events (you can meet DA Coach tonight!) on her blog, roseabovecancer. Don't miss the chance to find out more about this incredible lady, and her quest, and how you can get involved!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mominatrix Is Coming To Town, 4/22!

The Mominatrix event with Kristen Chase is going to rock, and we sure hope you can make it to all the 'naughty' fun on Thursday, 4/22! If you would like to take advantage of Sitter City's services while you attend the event, please RSVP to by 4/20. Otherwise, be sure to get here early- the first 50 people in attendance will receive a special treat from Psychobaby and gboutique!

Friday, April 9, 2010

An Interview with Long John Silver!

We were aaaaargh-uably thrilled when we got the chance to interview Long John Silver (also known as James Zoccoli) from the Adventure Stage Production of The Ghosts of Treasure Island! The show is super cool because pirates + rock n roll always = awesome! Check out the video above (and yes, we did make him say "Did you hear about that pirate movie? It's rated aarrrgh!") and then go see the show, mateys!

The Ghosts of Treasure Island is running at the Adventure Stage Theater (April 10 - May 20th).
1012 N. Noble Ave., Chicago, IL 60642. You can also stop by Psychobaby the week of April 12th and enter our raffle for a weekend pass for four to see the show (your rapscallions are sure to love it!)

Special thanks to Tom Arvetis, the Artistic Director of Adventure Stage for introducing us to our new pirate friend!

And Now A Word From Stef, a Former (and Sorely Missed) Psychobaby Employee Who's Pregnant

"My aunt just had her baby girl Easter Sunday. 6 lbs 14 oz. She was in labor only 3 hours! I am hoping for the same with my labor and delivery. As of now I'm feeling more tired. At 31 weeks, I am
measuring 33 inches and I feel huge! I also gained 6 pounds within 2 weeks. Yikes. I think it may just be that I am retaining fluids, but
my husband does call me Chunkanie."

(Stefanie is pregnant, and lives with her husband, Erik, and dog, Mr. Sausage, in Michigan. If you have any questions or comments for Stef, please leave them below!)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

OMG! Linday isn't wearing any pants!

MR RUSSIA "The New Standard"

MR RUSSIA | MySpace Music Videos

She's the one on the keys. Our very own Minnesotan maestro in a dress, no less!
A true Renaissance gal, it turns out. Linday's a mild mannered kids' web maven by day, and a two fisted, art rocking, post-punk by night. No wonder she's got such cool taste. Check out Mr. Russia at the Beat Kitchen on April, 17th!

Meet Jeanie B before her show at Sub-T!

We are so excited to have Jeanie B. from Jeanie B and the Jellybeans on our blog before her big show! Jeanie, who has been called by TOC one of the "best things to happen to kids in Chicago in a decade," has been rockin' the world for years and lives by two rules: "I always remind myself that even if just two people show up, I should still play my heart out. (And) no matter what, to remain grateful that I get to do this as a living. I could be working in a bank!" Well, thankfully, she'll be gracing a stage near you soon - here's more from the lovely Jeanie B!

1. What is your stage name, name of bands and recordings?
Jeanie B! is my stage name, the band is called The Jelly Beans so we are Jeanie B! and The Jelly Beans. I have 4 CD's, one is an adult music CD called In The World by my former band called Angel Paint. My most recent CD's are my 3 kids CD's; I'm a Kid, Mommy Knows Best, and Joy. I plan to record another kids CD this summer.

2. What was your first instrument?
I came out screaming, so I guess my voice! Still hollering when anyone will listen. When I was 8, I played Mary Had a Little Lamb on a recorder, then Autum Leaves on the Piano (with a teacher who smelled bad) and at 12 I was playing Heart of Gold by Neil Young on my sister's guitar! My parents weren't interested in me playing anything but classical guitar so I had to hide in my sister's room to play rock and folk!

3. First song you ever wrote?
Wow, I can't remember all the way back to age 15!! I can hardly remember the last song I wrote and it was just a few days ago! I'll never forget writing my first song for my kids, though. I had just been to see Neil Young and Crazy Horse (see first song played on guitar) with Lucinda Williams and got home at about 1 am. I had been screaming and singing at the concert and had just fried my vocal chords but came home and wrote the ballad The Lucky One. It's about how lucky I feel to be a Mom. "You're my baby sent here from God, and I'm the one you'll call Mom. Yeah you're my baby sent here from God, and I'm the one, yeah I'm the one, the lucky one." Still makes me cry. The recording I did that night in my studio I still have and you can hardly tell what the melody is because my voice was so shot!! I recorded that on two of my CD's. The moms love it.

4. Where was your first gig?
Well, besides the Middle School Talent show, I was first hired to play at a small restaurant/bar in Grand Haven Michigan. I was 16 maybe. I was scared to death. I think I threw up for a week before and after the gig!! I played a lot of Neil Young and a few originals. I'm still playing in bars after all these years and still play some Neil Young when I get a chance!! You'll hear a lot of his influence in my music. Did I mention that I like Neil Young? This is true; a reporter once said "In the unlikely event that Neil Young should mate with The Indigo Girls it would sound something like Angel Paint." (my former band that played only my originals for adults) I actually was quite pleased by that!

5. What is the weirdest place you ever played?
Hands down winner; On a moving train!! It was insane!! It was for a kid's birthday party and it was just a disaster!! I don't recommend it! First of all, good luck getting the attention of young children who have hardly ever, if ever, been on a train! They are all about the train ride, as they should be, and you have to hold on to something or you fall down!!

6. What is your favorite song to sing and why is it so cool and crazy?
You are asking me to pick my favorite child! Can't do it without offending the other children!! I have a lot of favorites. Right now though it might be When you Open a Book. It's a fairly new song of mine and it's all about how fun reading is. Joy is one of my other faves. I wrote this for my boys and it is all about how joyful kids are. I always feel better when I'm singing it. Ask me again tomorrow and I'll have a different answer. I love playing music and there's a song for every occasion so it depends on the moment I think.

7. What was your most embarrassing stage moment? Do tell!
Oh, I think that it would have to be at my CD release party for Mommy Knows Best. I start every gig with my Hello Song. I have the kids help me spell Hello! Give me an H, give me an E, Give me an L, Give me another L, give me an O! What's that spell etc.... Well, I forgot the "O" that day!! When I said "What's that spell?" there was silence in the room. My bass player looked at me and said "Hell?" I about died. Bring the family- Jeanie B! is teaching profanity at no extra charge!!

8. What are your pre-performance rituals - any brown M and M issues?
If I don't have my Evian spritzer and a custard filled cream puff from Bennison's Bakery I'm not going on stage -it's in my rider!! Just kidding, of course.

9. Describe yourself in three adjectives.
I had to ask my kids and husband this one. Too hard to self evaluate!! They said: Fun, Weird, Strong, Clever, Silly, Loving, Smart. (I couldn't pick, so I did more than 3!)

Thanks Jeanie! If you have questions for Jeanie or comments, leave 'em below! Otherwise, get tickets for Jeanie B's show at the Sub-T Lounge now - we'll see you there!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Earth Day at Wicker Park

My son came home from school one year with a box of handmade pine cone bird feeders as a Christmas gift. The birdies were happy for months! I think it's a super cute and easy project for Earth Day! Below is a recipe that we have used many times since. Enjoy!

For each Pine Cone Bird Feeder you will need:
  • A large, open pine cone
  • Vegetable shortening, or peanut butter (soy nut butter for those with allergies)
  • Bird seed
  • string or twine
Tie string to a pine cone. Cover the pine cone with the the shortening or peanut butter. Roll the pine cone in birdseed and then hang it from a tree branch outside.
See? Easy!