Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Young, Loud and Snotty?

No one's more Punk Rock than little kids! They're loud, they never sleep and they puke everywhere! Nurture your unique sense of irreverent style with a Sourpuss Ramones Diaper Bag, $35.00. Crank up nap time with Rockabye Baby's Ramones CD, $16.98. Who needs a green mohawk when you can get more attention with this rockin' Daddy's Girl tank, $33.00 and black and white skort, $39.00 from Micro Me. Blow their socks off with these Me in Mind sneaker socks, $26.00 (6 pairs). Get them dancing off the walls with Vans original punk style, $32.00-$37.00 or give little Johnny his own custom tee from Psychobaby's Custom Shop, $26.00.

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