Thursday, April 8, 2010

Meet Jeanie B before her show at Sub-T!

We are so excited to have Jeanie B. from Jeanie B and the Jellybeans on our blog before her big show! Jeanie, who has been called by TOC one of the "best things to happen to kids in Chicago in a decade," has been rockin' the world for years and lives by two rules: "I always remind myself that even if just two people show up, I should still play my heart out. (And) no matter what, to remain grateful that I get to do this as a living. I could be working in a bank!" Well, thankfully, she'll be gracing a stage near you soon - here's more from the lovely Jeanie B!

1. What is your stage name, name of bands and recordings?
Jeanie B! is my stage name, the band is called The Jelly Beans so we are Jeanie B! and The Jelly Beans. I have 4 CD's, one is an adult music CD called In The World by my former band called Angel Paint. My most recent CD's are my 3 kids CD's; I'm a Kid, Mommy Knows Best, and Joy. I plan to record another kids CD this summer.

2. What was your first instrument?
I came out screaming, so I guess my voice! Still hollering when anyone will listen. When I was 8, I played Mary Had a Little Lamb on a recorder, then Autum Leaves on the Piano (with a teacher who smelled bad) and at 12 I was playing Heart of Gold by Neil Young on my sister's guitar! My parents weren't interested in me playing anything but classical guitar so I had to hide in my sister's room to play rock and folk!

3. First song you ever wrote?
Wow, I can't remember all the way back to age 15!! I can hardly remember the last song I wrote and it was just a few days ago! I'll never forget writing my first song for my kids, though. I had just been to see Neil Young and Crazy Horse (see first song played on guitar) with Lucinda Williams and got home at about 1 am. I had been screaming and singing at the concert and had just fried my vocal chords but came home and wrote the ballad The Lucky One. It's about how lucky I feel to be a Mom. "You're my baby sent here from God, and I'm the one you'll call Mom. Yeah you're my baby sent here from God, and I'm the one, yeah I'm the one, the lucky one." Still makes me cry. The recording I did that night in my studio I still have and you can hardly tell what the melody is because my voice was so shot!! I recorded that on two of my CD's. The moms love it.

4. Where was your first gig?
Well, besides the Middle School Talent show, I was first hired to play at a small restaurant/bar in Grand Haven Michigan. I was 16 maybe. I was scared to death. I think I threw up for a week before and after the gig!! I played a lot of Neil Young and a few originals. I'm still playing in bars after all these years and still play some Neil Young when I get a chance!! You'll hear a lot of his influence in my music. Did I mention that I like Neil Young? This is true; a reporter once said "In the unlikely event that Neil Young should mate with The Indigo Girls it would sound something like Angel Paint." (my former band that played only my originals for adults) I actually was quite pleased by that!

5. What is the weirdest place you ever played?
Hands down winner; On a moving train!! It was insane!! It was for a kid's birthday party and it was just a disaster!! I don't recommend it! First of all, good luck getting the attention of young children who have hardly ever, if ever, been on a train! They are all about the train ride, as they should be, and you have to hold on to something or you fall down!!

6. What is your favorite song to sing and why is it so cool and crazy?
You are asking me to pick my favorite child! Can't do it without offending the other children!! I have a lot of favorites. Right now though it might be When you Open a Book. It's a fairly new song of mine and it's all about how fun reading is. Joy is one of my other faves. I wrote this for my boys and it is all about how joyful kids are. I always feel better when I'm singing it. Ask me again tomorrow and I'll have a different answer. I love playing music and there's a song for every occasion so it depends on the moment I think.

7. What was your most embarrassing stage moment? Do tell!
Oh, I think that it would have to be at my CD release party for Mommy Knows Best. I start every gig with my Hello Song. I have the kids help me spell Hello! Give me an H, give me an E, Give me an L, Give me another L, give me an O! What's that spell etc.... Well, I forgot the "O" that day!! When I said "What's that spell?" there was silence in the room. My bass player looked at me and said "Hell?" I about died. Bring the family- Jeanie B! is teaching profanity at no extra charge!!

8. What are your pre-performance rituals - any brown M and M issues?
If I don't have my Evian spritzer and a custard filled cream puff from Bennison's Bakery I'm not going on stage -it's in my rider!! Just kidding, of course.

9. Describe yourself in three adjectives.
I had to ask my kids and husband this one. Too hard to self evaluate!! They said: Fun, Weird, Strong, Clever, Silly, Loving, Smart. (I couldn't pick, so I did more than 3!)

Thanks Jeanie! If you have questions for Jeanie or comments, leave 'em below! Otherwise, get tickets for Jeanie B's show at the Sub-T Lounge now - we'll see you there!

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