Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dino-Mite New Dinosaur Tees and Gifts for Kids

Dinosaur Tees for Kids

New dinosaur gifts and dinosaur tees for kids, dinosaur flip flops, dinosaur pillowcases, we've gone dino-crazy over here! 
Psychobaby Magical Monogram Flip Flops Blue DinoPsychobaby Oh So Big Dino Birthday Tee BoldPsychobaby Magical Monogram Pillowcase Green Dino

Maybe it's because T-Rex's little arms are so fun to make fun of... whatever it is, we suddenly can't get enough of these prehistoric beasties!

http://psychobabycustomshop.tumblr.com/ http://psychobabycustomshop.tumblr.com/



Shop all dinosaur theme gifts for babies and kids here, and enjoy this blast from the past while you do! OMG... we can't believe this song was ever made, let alone that there's a VIDEO for it.

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  1. How awesome are these prints. I always felt sorry for the t-rex, and the one with the extendable arms is perfect . No longer for sorry for him :)


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