Friday, April 25, 2014

New Baseball Gifts for Kids = Major League Style!

Personalized Baseball Gifts for Kids
Personalized baseball gifts for kids are this season's MVPs! Check out our newest additions, including a Magical Monogram Baseball Coin Purse, a Magical Monogram Baseball Pillowcase , and Magical Monogram Baseball Placemat!

Psychobaby Magical Monogram Baseball PlacematPsychobaby Magical Monogram Coin Purse BaseballPsychobaby Magical Monogram Pillowcase Baseball

We're super excited that it's baseball season again... the only problem is that it's still freezing here in Chicago! So for those days that it's just too chilly to hang out at Wrigley or the Cell, we've been catching up on our baseball cinema. After much consideration, these are what we landed on for our all-time top five baseball movies:

A League of their Own - can't beat the girl power!
The Sandlot - need we say more?
Field of Dreams - if you build it...
Fever Pitch - teaches you to keep hope alive! (Plus, we all have crushes on Jimmy Fallon)!
The Natural - Foxy Robert Redford proves love = home runs.

Whats your fave baseball movie? You can take a peek at all our home-run baseball gifts for kids here, and cross your fingers that it warms up quick! Plaaaaaaay ball!

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