Sunday, April 6, 2014

Personalized First Birthday T-Shirts and More!

Shop All Personalized Birthday T-Shirts For Kids 
A personalized birthday tee for your kiddo can really make their special day ! Gifts, cake, and a slammin' new t-shirt? What could be better than that? There are few things we love as much as a good party theme, and we just added a TON of awesome new personalized birthday t-shirt designs to go with just about anything your birthday boy or girl requests!

For a future hero or heroine, how about a  Super Power Birthday Tee paired with a totally super cake? This tall tower of cake awesomeness is a crazy mash-up of Spider-Man, Batman, AND Superman. Sometimes you have to cover ALL the bases... or just invent a brand new super-hero persona based on your kiddo's own personal superpowers!

Psychobaby Super Power Birthday TeeSuper Hero Cake

For your dapper little gent's big day, we like an  Oh So Big Mustache Birthday Tee, and a big ole' pile of yummy mustachioed cupcakes! Frost your crumb-catching cupcakes in ultra bright hues to add a fun pop of color to any 'Stache Bash!
Psychobaby Oh So Big Mustache Birthday Tee GrayMustache Cupcakes! If you mustache... yes I will have some cake!
 Every little princess deserves a super special party on her big day Grab a pink tutu and a Pretty Princess Birthday Girl Tee   to make a perfectly princess-y birthday outfit for your young royal!
Psychobaby Pretty Princess Birthday Girl TeeTutu Princess Birthday Cupcakes
 And if you have a little monster-man on your hands, snag a Personalized  Beastly Boy Birthday Tee!
Little beasties like fun just as much as the next guy, so make sure to check out this adorably monstrous twist on a classic party game! 
Psychobaby Beastly Boy Birthday TeePin the eye on the monster- Monsters Inc party

Visit our Birthday Party Pinterest board for more yummy cakes and party ideas! You can find our complete collection of awesome personalized birthday t-shirts for kids here, let us know if there's a great theme we should add! 

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