Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cool Personalized Flip Flops for Kids

Personalized Flip Flops For Kids
Personalized flip flops for kids are a must-have, now that this looooong winter is finally over, and our beach dreams are a little closer to coming true!  We channeled our excitement about the nicer weather into a ton of new flip flop designs! Our newest styles are all available with personalization, or if you're still working on which one is left and which one is right, you can choose flip-flops printed with these helpful labels:

Psychobaby Pop Art Flip Flops RedPsychobaby Multi Stars Flip Flops BrightPsychobaby Magical Monogram Flip Flops Pink Cupcake

Yep, a pair of flip flops with the "right" and "left" printed right on will guide you during those "no... not that left, your other left" moments. Hey, it happens to the best of us. That's why we all come with a built-in Super Technologically Advanced Directional Detector...
Pretty HANDY, right?

Whatever your summer plans may be, we hope they are as chill as these babes... only, you know, with a couple cold juice boxes. And sun-screen. Lots of sun-screen.  Looks like the only thing missing from this picture are some cool personalized flip flops! Shop now, so you're prepared to hit the pool when that first awesomely warm day of 2014 happens... hopefully soon!
Nothing better than a cold drink on a hot day.

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