Friday, April 18, 2014

17 New Stella Blu Tees + Your Fav Classic Designs!

Stella Blu Tees for Kids
Stella Blu tees for babies and kids just got even cooler, as if that were even possible! We have 17+ brand new designs, plus all the styles you know and love - including a ton of cool California-centric graphic tees! Check out the new Hollywood Tee, LA Tee , and Santa Monica Tee :
Stella Blu Santa Monica TeeStella Blu Hollywood Tee Stella Blu LA Tee

Here's proof that true Cali kids can't get enough of this Chicago designer's hip tees, check out Tori Spelling's daugher - who clearly loves her Stella Blu Unicorn Tee!

And we just happened to notice on a recent episode of NBC's hit show Parenthood, not one but TWO of their child stars rocking Stella Blu!

You can find the super-popular sequined unicorn tee and a ton of awesome new styles on our Stella Blu page, and let us know if you spot any more Hollywood kiddos sporting some unicorn style!

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