Friday, May 9, 2014

Mustache Gifts For Future Facial Hair Enthusiasts

Mustache Baby and Kids Gifts
Mustache baby and kids gifts have swept the nation, catching crumbs from New York to L.A.! Get in on this fuzzy craze, whether you're throwing a mustache bash for your little dude or just diggin' on the vibe, we have mustache t-shirts, mustache bibs and all kind of mustache accessories for your happy hipster kiddos... pretty much everything but the hair itself!
Once your little dudes and dudettes are dolled up in their mustache gear, here's a cool & educational craft with a decidedly hipster twist!
Mustache Match Activity
See even  more awesome stache ideas on our Mustache Pinterest Board.

While you shop our awesome collection of mustache gifts, here's a little kid-friendly mustache ditty by The Format for your listening pleasure - (this band is now the band fun. !) 

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