Sunday, May 18, 2014

Personalized Cutting Boards: Cool New Styles Added!

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Personalized cutting boards, besides being amazing hostess/housewarming/wedding/anytime gifts, will seriously make your time in the kitchen a LOT cooler! We just added a bunch of super fun designs, our favorite right now are our Cut A Record cutting boards, check these out:
Cut A Record Personalized Cutting Board BlueCut A Record Personalized Turntable Cutting Board LimeCut A Record Personalized Turntable Cutting Board Red
Our Chi-Town Personalized Cutting Board was even featured on WGN News as part of Bump Club & Beyond's fave Mother's Day Gifts! 
Psychobaby Chi-Town Cutting Board

Put your new personalized cutting board to work - here's a super fun and yummy dinner/party idea... have a real salad bar at home! Chop up any & everything you want, set it all out, and let your family go to town! Ree over at Pioneer Woman has some really nice suggestions for ingredients to use in your chopped salad bar.

For inspiration - check out Psychobaby co-founder Marlo's insanely beautiful chopped cobb salad. We had to pester her for months, but she finally revealed her salad secret to us - during the winter when tomatoes just aren't as good (or any time of year, because this makes them crazy delicious)... marinate them! Marlo uses olive oil, salt & pepper, and a little lemon juice, and lets the tomatoes hang out in this special mixture for about 30 minutes. You can also work this veggie magic with whatever dressing your family likes. 

Hey, what are you doing still reading? Go get to chopping up some fresh spring veggies and check out our entire selection of cool personalized cutting boards here! 

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