Thursday, May 22, 2014

Axl Jack and Fergie Show Psychobaby Some Love!

When we found out that Axl Jack Duhamel was a fan of Psychobaby - and by that, we mean that his mama dresses him well - we flipped out! Fergie has shown off her little rockstar in our duds before, but this time she pulled out all the stops. 

During this particular outing, she picked out color-coordinating outfits in Psychobaby's favorite color combo: Red & Black. (Seriously, have your seen our rock 'n roll custom designs? We know what's up.)  Axl is rocking our "I am a Rockstar Hat" and "Rebel Rocker Hoodie" with a sweet pair of matching striped pants. We hate to discount Mr. Duhamel in any of this, but we've got a feeling Axl's fashion sense is gonna take after his mama.  

Check out a couple more pics of Axl and Fergie showing everyone else how to travel in style. 

Josh Duhamel puts Axl's hat on backwards to give him street cred
And here's a pic of Axl in our Rockstar Hat - AGAIN - with Papa, Josh Duhamel...for good measure.  If you wanna see Axl rocking more Psychobaby gear, check him out in our Mix-Master DJ Bib on Ellen this past fall!

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