Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Meet Big Mike & MO'Baby Clothing for Kids!

MO'Baby Clothing for Baby and Kids

We are SO psyched to introduce our collaboration with MO'Baby Clothing! Mike O'Brien (you can call him Big Mike) is a recent transplant to Psychobaby's hometown of Chicago, and we're happy to have him. Big Mike isn't just a nickname, Mike is actually 6'8" - making him about 3 times the size of your average toddler... and his new tattoo clothing line for kids is about 3000 times more awesome than your average kids stuff!  Mike tattoos at Chicago State Tattoo by day, but by night, he transforms into the tallest baby clothes designer we know. MO'Baby for Psychobaby is a partnership born of our love for cool, beautiful ink and hip baby gear - check out the MO'Baby Clothing collection while you get to know Big Mike a little bit more:

Favorite music...
  • To listen to while you're tattooing: The Clash
  • After a long day at the shop: Raphael Saadiq 
  • To see live: Was Beastie Boys
  • Fave band when you were a teenager: Grateful Dead 
  • What album have you been listening to a lot this spring: Black Keys
 MO'Baby Tattoo Pop Heart One-Piece Pink MO'Baby For The Love Of Jasper Bib GrayMO'Baby Papa's Lil Chi Guy Tee
just a few of the new MO'Baby styles available now:  
  • Favorite place on the body to do a tattoo: Upper Arm
  • Favorite tattoo you've ever done: My beautiful wife's 3/4 sleeve (b/c it brought her to me!)
  • Weirdest tattoo you've ever done, or at least the weirdest request: Ace Frehley shooting pizza lasers out of his eyes...

images via, and

  • Worst thing you ever got in trouble for as a kid: Jumping off my roof 
  • What did you want to be when you grew up? Aquaman 
  • Superpower you wish you had: Ability to converse with animals
An awesome pair of O'Brien Tattooed Shoes

  • Johnny Cash or Johnny Rotten? Johnny Cash
  • Black coffee or cream and sugar? Cream & Sugar
  • Cats or dogs? Dogs! We have two - Louie "The Chops" - our awesome boxer; and Stella "El Nacho Grande" - our sweet little Chiweenie (Chihuahua/Dachshund mix). Best little nuggets around.

 Mike's Instagram
one of the many cool pics on Mike's Instagram feed
Check out more of Mike's amazing work here:
- Mike's Facebook
- Mike's Instagram @gntmic
- O'Brien Tattooed Shoes Etsy Shop
 ...and we hope you guys love MO'Baby Clothing as much as we do!

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