Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pour Some Sugar On Me!
Introducing our sweetest collection yet! If you're anything like us, you're a closeted sugar addict. Well, we're actually pretty open about our ability to make an entire box of Swedish Fish disappear in  mere seconds. If you love sugar as much as we do, go ahead and show your sweet side with a top from our new Sugar collection:
Sugar T-Shirt ($20)  | Sugar Baby Shirt ($20)   | Sugar Women's Racerback Tank Top ($21)

Can't get enough of that sweet stuff? How about snagging one of these for yourself/your kitchen?
Sugar Tote Bag ($14)  | Sugar Tea Towel ($10) | Sugar Coffee Mug ($14)

Image 1 Image 1

Plus, we baked you the perfect playlist - all sugar, all the time!
And because we literally can't get enough of the sweet stuff - here are some of our fave celebs embracing their own love of any and all things SUGAR!

The incomparable Liz Lemon

Katy Perry


Good old Michelle Tanner.
Will Ferrell & his candy spaghetti

'Yonce & a whole lotta donuts.
 Pharrell showing some Fruit Loops who's boss.

And the most hardcore sugar fiend in cinema, Little Chrissy from a 1998 film by John Waters.

What's your favorite way to get all sugared up? Let us know, it makes us feel better to know we aren't alone in our addiction love of SUGAR!

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