Friday, July 24, 2015

11 Inappropriate (But AWESOME) Baby Gifts

These hilariously inappropriate and 100% awesome baby gifts will have you laughing even at 4 am when Old (New) Yeller is up and screaming... again... for no reason whatsoever. Let's be honest, parenthood is messy.  And stressful. And turns sane men and women into sleep-deprived zombies; walking among the living....surviving on a combination of caffeine and sheer will power.  So, we think you deserve a laugh. Take a second to giggle, especially when your tiny little angel has peed its way through its THIRD outfit today, and you just ran out of backups.

1. Boob Man Baby Shirt | $20.00 - It's funny cause it's true.

2. I Only Cry When Republicans Hold Me Baby Set | 

    I Only Cry When Democrats Hold Me Baby Set | $18.00
Either way - this awesome bib and burp cloth set is sure to make some of your family members mad. 

I Only Cry When Republicans Hold Me Baby Set NewI Only Cry When Democrats Hold Me Baby Set New

3. We Drink Until We Pass Out Shirt Set | $32.00
     I Drink Until I Pass Out Baby Shirt | $20.00
Snag this one-piece for your milk drunk babe, or get the daddy-baby set. Cause, come on, we're all friends here... it's true for both of them, isn't it?
We Drink Until We Pass Out Shirt Set

4. Personalized Mommy + Daddy + Drinks = Me Baby Shirt | $23.00 - Again, there's often a grain of truth in this one. We don't judge. Bottoms up!

5. Oh Spit Baby Shirt Red | $20.00 - Oh SPIT, not again!

6. Stage 5 Clinger Baby Shirt | $20.00 - This is literally the only time in life that being a Stage 5 Clinger is not only acceptable, it's pretty adorable.
Stage 5 Clinger Baby Shirt New

7. Party Animal Gift Set | $40.00 - The best of the best for a future frat bro!

8. I Only Cry... Baby Shirt | $20.00 - Again, sure to offend at least one or two (or ten) of your closest friends and family. Let's just call this Baby's First dis.
  My Mom Does Not Want Your Advice Bib Pink | $14.00
Let your little one throw some shade on those nosy know-it-alls that try to tell you exactly how to raise your Psychobaby. Uhh, no thanks... all you Psychoparents are doing a pretty good job without that unwanted advice!

My Mom Does Not Want Your Advice Bib PinkMy Mom Does Not Want Your Advice Bib Blue
10. Party Pooper Infant Hat | $14.00 - Poop is always funny.
Party Pooper Infant Hat
11. Walking Dad Zombie Shirt Set | $32.00 - Another amazing dad-baby set... for those times when you just wanna eat your kiddo right up! (Because they're SOOO cute, obviously. Or maybe you really *are* just that sleep deprived...)

Walking Dad Zombie Shirt Set
Find the perfect thing to both delight and irritate by checking out all our funny baby gifts!

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