Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Next Time Won't You Rock With Me?

Alphabet Gifts for Babies and Kids
Alphabet gift ideas for babies and kids prove that A is for "awesome!" We designed our new Rockin ABC collection using a combination of fun musical elements, a bold block font, and cool, crazy colors - bringing you the alphabet like it's never been seen before!

Our Rockin ABCs Personalized Placemat will catch any mess made during a wild meal, so no need to suddenly become a super tidy eater and start organizing your soup:
Psychobabyonline.com Rockin' ABCs Personalized Placemat
We promise that learning your ABCs rocks... that is, when "I" is masquerading as a lightning bolt and "U" is throwing the horns.  We've got cool versions of the alphabet in every form, from pacifiers to puzzles and placemats to pillowcases. Now that you know your ABCs, Psychobaby, start shopping so you can get to rockin'!

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