Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Future Is Here... (Plus Celeb Baby Pics!)

I Am The Future T-Shirt
 I Am The Future T-Shirt

You are the future, Psychobaby! So you better dress for it. Our I Am The Future T-Shirt
lets all the adults know that they better be nice to you and make good decisions! Wear it proudly, whether you're going to be a fireman when you grow up or a veterinarian, an Olympic athlete or rockstar, this tee is perfect for every little girl and guy!

Future astronauts will also dig this awesome printed astronaut t-shirt by Stella Blu - we bet if this brand had been around when Neil Armstrong was a youngster, he would have been begging his mom for this cool tee!
 Stella Blu Astronaut Teehttp://psychobabycustomshop.tumblr.com/

 Future presidents should check out our Patriotic Gentlemen T-Shirt and customized bibs! That's baby Barack Obama, rocking some serious pirate swag before he was the leader of the free world.
Patriotic Suspender Tee FrontPsychobaby Patriotic Gentleman Bib

 Future princesses ought to have a Personalized Pretty Princess shirt like this. Check out lil' Kate Middleton before she was Princess Kate! Such a doll!

http://psychobabycustomshop.tumblr.com/Psychobaby Crowned Princess Tee

 Future superstar DJs def need a Personalized Tiny Tunes T-Shirt. Bet Skrillex didn't have any tees as cool as this one when he was learning to dubstepcrawl!


 and finally, every single one of you cool, crazy Psychobabies deserves this awesome t-shirt!

Psychobaby I Am The Future Tee
Psychobaby I Am The Future Tee I Am The Future One-PiecePsychobaby I Am The Future One-Piece

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