Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Personalized Cutting Boards for Real MIX-Masters!

The BEST Personalized Cutting Boards
Personalized cutting boards will make your slicing and dicing just a little bit more fun, and are the perfect way to set out some nibbles at your next dinner party... or dance party! Our 'Cut A Record' cutting boards come in four super vibrant colors, and can be customized with all the info you might find on your fave vinyl. Sure, they look awesome, but that's hardly the most important aspect of your next gathering. To get your party started, you need some tasty treats and groovy beets.. um, we mean beats!
Here are five of our favorite foodie jams (pun intended this time) to get you in the mood... for food!

Now that you have the bones of a great playlist started, head over to our Food That Rocks pinboard for genius snack ideas like... Rolling Scones and Lady Gaga themed cookies!
This Carved Watermelon Drum Set is amazing!  Feel free to play with your food.Rock On! Bento.Lady Gaga Inspired Gingerbread Gals
Check out our Cut A Record designs and all our other cool cutting board styles, then in the immortal words of Weird Al... just EAT IT!

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