Friday, September 12, 2014

Zip It! The Coolest Personalized Hoodies for Baby and Kids

Shop Hoodies! 
 Shop Hoodies!

Zip-hoodie-doo-dah! Hoodie Season is back and we are MORE than ready for it. All the cool kids know that layers are key to keeping warm while keeping your cool.  We've got awesome personalized hoodies that let you show off your style even while bundled up.

Our most popular hoodie is the Boppin 2 the Beatz Headphone Hoodie!  It comes in almost EVERY color design that we offer.  Pick a color, a logo and your DJ Alias and you're all set.

The Psychobaby Free Spirit Guitar Hoodie is a great choice for an aspiring rock star or future air guitarist.  Can also be worn by amateur fist pumpers!

We know you promised NO MOTORCYCLES UNTIL YOU'RE OLDER...but that doesn't mean you can't look like you belong on one!  (Mommy already calls you Hell's Angel behind your back...we heard her.)  The Rebel Rocker Hoodie is also a great gift for your son or daughter of anarchy.

And even if you think that hoodies are USUALLY for boys, we got something for the ladies also.  The Laverne Hoodie adds a little style, a little grace and a whole lotta bling to your gal's fall fashion wardrobe.  Choose from light pink, red or fuchsia designs and we throw in the sparkle for free. You're welcome :)

Something we know for certain, is that hoodies aren't just for the kids.  In fact, we have a theory that a hoodie can INSTANTLY make a man more attractive.  Therefore, we've compiled a couple pictures as evidence to support our theory...for science... So, grab your Pumpkin Spice Latte, sit back and enjoy.  (And when you're done, head over here and personalize a hoodie for your adorable little man and/or lady.)
Bradley Cooper in the hoodie/jacket combo
Channing LIVES in hoodies...we don't mind
JGL in a hoodie AND a peacoat? We love it.
Hey Girl, I gave you my sleeves in case you get cold. xoxo RGos
No one rocks a Hoodie like Hova
AND ladies, Bey proves you can rock a men's hoodie and still look flawless

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