Wednesday, March 17, 2010

And Now A Word From Stefanie, A Former and Sorely Missed Psychobaby Employee Who Is Pregnant!

'Sitting in the sun sipping 'pregnancy tea'. Watching the baby move and kick. I wonder what position she's in. I try to feel but I can't tell. It's amazing how the Doctor feels and can tell you 'this is the head' under my right ribs. My back has been hurting lately and I've been getting some heartburn. It's been a relaxing day but I'm kinda bored since I don't work anymore. Maybe I will go for a walk with Mr. Sausage. He likes the sun too. Any suggestions?'

-Stefanie, 28 weeks

Stefanie, a sorely missed former Psychobaby employee, is pregnant and lives in Michigan with her hubby Erik, and her dog, Mr. Sausage. She also does a mean "Beat It" dance. If you have a suggestion on what our pregnant friend could do during the day, let Stefanie know in the comments!

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