Friday, August 1, 2014

The BEST Personalized Kids Football Shirts & Gifts

Personalized football shirts & gifts for kids are about to take over! The World Cup brought us as much excitement and fun as we could have hoped for this summer!  And even if your team didn't go all the way (Congrats Germany!), you still had baseball or summer basketball to distract you from your woes. However, August is here and that is making us super (bowl) excited for....


It's that time again...right between the dashed hopes of a baseball team not going to the finals and the renewed hope that THIS is the year your football team gets to the Super Bowl, right? Well, we totally share that enthusiasm and so do these guys. (And you thought Soccer fans were nuts??!)

Go Favorite Sports Team!
This guy's outfit is really cheesy...
If you're the resident sport's lover in your household, it is YOUR responsibility to pass on the love of the pigskin to your children. Sports fans for life have to start early, otherwise how will you amass such an amazing collection of cheeseheads and fake Ditka mustaches?

Da Baby, I mean DA BEARS!
Psychobaby is your one-stop shop for unique and personalized football fashion for baby and kids alike!  We've got your classic Football Belly Kids Tee - which you can order in your own team's color combination!  Or, if mom and dad can't decide between which team gets the run of the house, you can pick our Football Belly Gift Set which comes in white or pink designs and just shows off your love of the game!

So don't cry because futbol season is over, cheer because football season is ALMOST HERE!! And for more fantastic football fan gear, check out all our personalized football gifts for kids and get a head start on the season!

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