Tuesday, July 29, 2014

California Dreamin': West Coast Style


The Beach Boys knew it.  Katy Perry celebrated it.  The Mamas & The Papas got you thinking about it, too.  Let's face it, there is something about California that is seriously cool.  And just because you don't currently reside in the Golden State doesn't mean you can't have the same style as a west coast cutie!

California Girls
For all you California Girls, it doesn't matter if you're from Santa Monica or Hollywood, Stella Blu has got the right look for you to help represent your coastal city.  Pair either one of these sweet tees with one of our hot pink Everyday Tutus and a pair of Psychobaby Electric Chevron  or Aqua Cupcake Flipflops and your outfit is complete! Well that was easy.  On to those lil surfer dudes.

Psychobaby Electric Chevron Flip Flops Stella Blu Pink Santa Monica TeeDark Pink
Stella Blu Pink Hollywood TeeLight PinkPsychobaby Magical Monogram Flip Flops Aqua Cupcake

California Boys
California boys have got some serious style too! Stella Blu's LA, Santa Monica and Hollywood Tees are the perfect designs for the hot summer days on the boardwalk.  Hitting the beach instead? Grab a pair of our very own Psychobaby Lil Yellow Sub or Eat 'em Up Sushi Flip Flops and keep the heat off your feet!

http://www.psychobabyonline.com/flip-flops/Psychobaby Lil Yellow Sub Flip Flops BlueStella Blu Santa Monica TeeStella Blu Hollywood TeeStella Blu LA Tee

California Dreamers...
Unfortunately, we can't all be "California Girls" but don't despair! Even though you're not from the unofficial sunshine state, you can still rep your homeland in true west coast fashion.  East coast, Midwest, down South - our Psychobaby Hey Hey USA Tee has got all the states available to let the world know where you're from. (or where you wanna go next!) If adventure is on your mind, pop on a pair of our Psychobaby Multi Stars Flip Flops Bright  and take your style on the road - or at least the sidewalk.

Psychobaby Hey Hey USA Tee PinkPsychobaby Multi Stars Flip Flops Bright

So, we've totally given you the guide to the west coast looks.  Now, to get you in a California state of mind, check out this amazing 11-year-old guitarist playing an acoustic version of The Mama & The Papa's "California Dreamin.'" (Yes, I said eleven!!)

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