Friday, July 11, 2014

Cool Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gifts

Cool gender neutral baby shower gifts can be super challenging - without knowing the sex, how are you supposed to pick out something cute for the parents-to-be? Easiest way is to stick to colors that work for little ladies or mini men, like yellow, orange, red, black, white and gray... check out our top choices (pictured above)!
  1.  Psychobaby Yellow Chevron Gift Set 
  2. Psychobaby Freshly Popped One-Piece   
  3. Pop Kids Enjoy Hugs
  4.  Psychobaby Single Aunt or Uncle One-Piece Red 
  5. Psychobaby I Only Cry... One-Piece Red   
  6. Psychobaby Hello My Name is Bib

Another of our faves is perfect for die-hard sports fans, just put the baby's future last name on the back and call it a day!
Psychobaby Fooball Gift Set 

For your rocker friends, how about a red Guitar Playing Baby One-Piece? 
Equally cute on a baby boys and punk princesses!
Guitar Playing Baby One-Piece

We also love traditionally "male" nicknames on girls... like Charlie for Charlotte and Frankie for Francesca, here's a few other awesome gender neutral baby names and a couple celebs kiddos who are rocking them!

 Cutie dad Jeremy Sisto with adorably named baby girl Charlie Ballerina Sisto! <3
Charlie Ballerina Sisto, cutie pie daughter of actor Jeremy Sisto.

Billie Beatrice, daughter of Rebecca Gayheart and yummy Eric Dane!

Billie Beatrice Dane, McSteamy's little girl. 

Let's just take a moment and have a little Eric Dane break:
 Okay, back on track - if you're headed to a baby shower and the parents aren't finding out if it's a boy a girl, just check out all our cool baby shower gifts and you'll find something awesome that works either way!

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