Friday, July 25, 2014

Top 10 Summer T-Shirts For Kids

Psychobaby My Dad Used To Be Cool Tee

We all know that dads are the original hipsters, (tumblr tells us so) so they were cool before cool was cool. I mean, before the little one came along, I bet your late nights used to consist of loud clubs and beer pong instead of feedings and closet-monster hunting.  This Psychobaby My Dad Used To Be Cool Tee will at least give you the street cred you deserve, even while holding your little girl's Dora the Explorer backpack. 

With the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie coming out, pizza fashion is totally BACK! The Psychobaby Eat 'em Up Pizza Tee  comes in sizes from personal pan to XL for whatever your rad little dude needs! Cowabunga!

Psychobaby All Sunshine Rainbow Tank
is bright enough to lighten the mood even on the cloudy gray days of summer.  All that's missing from this super cute kids tank is the lollipops...think about it.

We at Psychobaby, love tattoos! We love them on people; we love them on shoes; we love them on tees and tanks - but we know the little ones are too young to partake. SO, to keep the under-8 crowd feeling as hip as their inked-up mamas and papas we've got the Flying Sparrow Tank.

Suns Out, Guns Out!  We don't encourage toddler barbed wire tats, but we do love a kid in an I am a Rockstar Tank - even better if they've got chunky baby arms.

Psychobaby Freshly Baked Cupcake Tank

Staying cool this summer can also mean staying cute! Our  Freshly Baked Cupcake Tank covers all your bases without covering up too much of everything else! So, slap on the tank (and a whole lotta sunscreen) and greet the world with a smile...and sprinkles. 

Psychobaby Triple Scoop One-Piece

The best part about the Triple Scoop One-Piece  is that this ice cream cone will never melt! Which means no messy cleanup - but even if you did happen to get a little chocolate dripped on this super sweet design, it would totally look like a sprinkle. (We promise not to tell!)

Stella Blu Old School Tee

The Stella Blu Old School Tee is so fresh that we want 'em in our sizes.  However, they only come in pint-size packages to give your mini breakdancers some serious street cred.  Now, you just have to explain to them what a "boombox" is...good luck! 

Pluto Have A Nice Day Tee

What is nicer than seeing a smile and hearing a "have a nice day?" Teach your little ones manners at a young age with this bright and cheerful Have A Nice Day Tee  by Pop Kids.

Pluto ABC HI Alphabet Tee Sunshine Yellow

Like we said, a cheerful greeting can make your WHOLE DAY better!  Why not start it off right with the Pop Kids ABC HI Alphabet Tee in Sunshine Yellow?  The Tee has the word "sunshine" in the title - what's more summer than that?

There's still plenty of summer left this year, so pick out your favorite sunny weather shirt and go have fun, Psychobabies!

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