Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mind Your Manners! Cool Napkins & Cool Summer Recipes!

Personalized Napkin Sets
 Personalized Napkin Sets
Personalized napkins like our new 'Mind Your Manners' set will help make dinnertime a little more... mannerly? We can't make any promises, but this modern design does its darndest to get your family back on track with the dinner table etiquette!

Mind Your Manners Napkin SetMind Your Manners Napkin Set

One problem every parent faces is how it's not always the easiest task to get the kiddos to eat their veggies.  We know, firsthand! The best way to get them to try that crunchy red pepper, or basically any food that isn't "mac n' cheese orange," is through a little bit of creativity and let's face it, a whole lot of trickery. We know you're sick of saying "try it, you might like it", so just let the table dressing do it for you!

Maybe if I say "taste the rainbow" they'll think it's Skittles...
Truth be told, if your kids eat the way our kids used to eat...you're gonna need to keep some extra napkins handy at all times.  Took them a LONG time to figure out that food goes into their mouth and not on their face, in their hair, on the floor...or on the dog. You should probably just keep the stack next to this kid.
He may have forgotten the location of his mouth
And if you're looking for some summer recipes that will WOW your family & guests but will hardly make you break a sweat, look no further.  Roll up your sleeves and check out some of our summer favorites!

*wipes drool off of keyboard*
* Caprese Snack Bites - look super fancy, take almost NO time to make. Try not to eat the toothpick.
* Grilled Shrimp over Lemon Tomato Pasta - sounds complicated, actually not. Get to it!
* Pulled Pork Sandwiches - takes a little prep, but once the slow cooker takes over you can sit back and relax!
* Summer Strawberry Spinach Salad - add a little healthy color to offset the meat offerings.
* Coconut Water Popsicles - perfect cool down for dessert. We recommend having on hand at ALL times throughout the summer, just in case.

See all our fave "cool" summer recipes here and shop our personalized napkin sets... just remember to MIND YOUR MANNERS!

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