Tuesday, August 12, 2014

6 Awesome Personalized Back to School T-Shirts


 Cool personalized back to school t-shirts can take your photo from Nerdtastic to too cool for school! August is here and after a long (and VERY fun) summer, you can't deny that you're excited to get the kids back to school.  I promise, we don't judge!

Read my mind...
Our I am the Future Tee, will let the teacher know on day one that this kiddo means business. Future doctor, future astronaut, future ARTIST!  Just don't ask them to color inside the lines...we've got a tee for that too!


We've also got tees that help you express yourself creatively, or make friends for you - without saying a word!  The Psychobaby Color Your Love Heart Tee is for little girl or guy who wears their crayon heart on their sleeve.  And the A+ Friend Tee is dedicated to a great school pastime: passing notes with your pals! (Teachers hate 'em but you know they passed a note or two to their friends back in their day.)


Also, think of how much EASIER it will be for those teachers to remember your kiddo's name if it's already on their tee? So smart and considerate of you.  A+ parenting!
God bless this woman
We've also got some awesome Personalized Backpacks - perfect for all the kinds of traveling Psychobabies might do - going to school, camp, sleepovers!  Pick a design that you can put their name on and you'll never get their bags mixed up with anyone else's again. Either way, all our designs stand out from the crowd... just like your Psychobaby!

And don't worry, everyone gets stuck with a totally awkward school pic at some point. Do what you can to control the outcome by at the very least, wearing a totally rad t-shirt! Check out more funny celeb school pics at our Tumblr!


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