Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bundle of Joy Diaper Bank

Did you know that food stamps can't be used to buy diapers? And most daycare facilities require parents to provide diapers for their kids? When low-income parents are forced to make tough decisions clean diapers can often be something that is sacrificed, forcing them to re-use soiled diapers. Clean diapers is a basic right that all children should have. It is an essential need for a child's physical and mental health. The simple act of clean diapers can change a child's life.
Bundle of Joy ( is working hard to give low-income parents in Chicago more options. 100% of all donations to Bundle of Joy go toward the purchase of diapers. BOJ provides pantries, church organizations, city services centers, daycare centers, and other parenting groups with diapers in some of Chicago's poorest neighborhoods. Last month 35,000 diapers were delivered to 14 agencies around the city.
Psychobaby Chicago is proud to be an official drop off spot for Bundle of Joy. If you find yourself with an extra pack of unopened diapers or think of a needy baby when your purchasing your next round, please bring them by! As a token of our gratitude, Psychobaby will give you $5.00 in Crazy Cash to be used toward your next purchase!

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