Friday, December 26, 2014

Personalized Princess Gifts for Girls

Personalized princess gifts are really the only appropriate thing to bestow upon your little royal pain in the butt... she may drive you nuts, but she's a PRINCESS! Come on! Princesses get what they want, how they want, when they want! Make her feel as special as she knows she is with one of our glittery, glamorous personalized princess gifts. We've received word that our brand new  Pretty Princess Flip Flops are stamped with the royal seal of approval, as is our matching Her Royal Highness Water Bottle and Her Royal Highness Pillowcase !
Any true future queen also needs one of these princess-approved capes:
As we all know too well, glitter is the gift that keeps on giving.  LONG after that hot pink picture frame/sparkly mason jar/princess wand craft is finished you will continue to find it in places you've long since dusted and vacuumed. You'll even find it on your person, or coming out of your person.  In which case, we've got the perfect cover up.

At least the tantrums will be SPARKLY
And in all seriousness, if you don't start nurturing their love of all-things-royal at a young age, then they'll never grow up and pull a Kate! So, grab your glittery crown and practice your parade wave, because anything can happen! Don't forget to dream big, girls...Prince George is single!
Check out more girlie and princesstastic crafts, recipes and  more on our Glitterrific Pinterest board these awesomely adorable sparkly princess crowns made out of lace scraps, and don't miss out on all our new & classic princess gifts for girls here!
Easy Glitter Lace Princess Crowns Craft

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