Sunday, December 14, 2014

Awesome New Years Eve Outfits For Baby

New Years Eve outfits for little ones can be just as dashing and dapper as the stuff us grown-ups wear. Tis the season for dressing to the nines, auld lang syne, and sparkling wine... it's New Years time! Let your Psychobabies party in style with our festive picks for ringing in 2015. And take it easy on the juicebox, kiddos.

  1. Black Tie Tuxedo One-Piece $26.00
  2. Rockabye Baby Prince Lullaby CD $16.98
  3. Me In Mind Checkered Black and White Slip On Baby Shoes $26.00
  4. Little Black Dress $34.00
  5. Trumpette Maryjanes Sock Set Brigh$27.00
  • Our Black Tie Tuxedo One-Piece lets your little man rock the formal attire 'round the clock! Whether you're counting down to midnight or faking an early New Years at a reasonable hour, he'll look every inch a gentleman in this customizable bodysuit. Pair it with these Checkered Black and White Slip On Shoes for a completely rockin' look to ring in 2015!
  •  For young fashionistas, you can't go wrong with the most classic choice of all time: a  Little Black Dress! Our version comes in four pretty print colors, including the disco-glittery silver option that will really knock their socks off.   Speaking of socks, our Trumpette Bright Maryjanes Sock Set will get all the little ladies feelin' footloose and fancy free! Jazz up those tiny toes with this set of six pairs of colorful socks that will go with whatever killer outfit she's got on.  
  • We highly recommend some living room sock-hoppin' to the sweet, sweet sounds of everyone's favorite NYE song... you guessed it, 1999! If you wanna wind your little ones down before the clock strikes 12, just throw on the Rockabye Baby Prince Lullaby album. Guaranteed to lull your babies right to sleep, so you and the adults can get the REAL party started!

View more party-ready, New-Year's-Eve-worthy outfits in our Holiday Goodies collection, and have a very happy end of 2014! Cheers!

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