Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When in Doubt, Add Glitter!

 We say the more glitter, the better!  
For clothing that really knows how to shimmer check out our bling'd style picks. We rounded up our fairy-dust-covered favorites for Psychobabies who are fans of the sparkle!

1. Psychobaby I'm So Girly I Cry Glitter One-Piece
2. Psychobaby Pink Is the New Black Tee
3. Psychobaby Sparkly Guitar Playing Baby One-Piece
4. Psychobaby Run ABC Glitter One Piece
5. Me In Mind Pink Pixie Cruiser Slip-On Shoe
6. Psychobaby Pretty Princess Tee

How much glitter is too much? When you are left questioning just ask yourself, "What would Elton John wear?" There's always room for more glitter!

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