Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Inspiration for a Rockin' Baby Shower!

Every great baby shower needs a theme, and we can’t think of a better one than good ol’ rock-n-roll! From rock and roll baby gifts to tips for the shindig itself, we’ve got picks to make your party rock. Rockers never stress (they are totally chiiiiilllll) so adopt the same ‘tude and grab a worry-free gift that is sure to please. Give our Personalized I am a Rockstar Gift Set or our Guitar Playing Baby One-Piece a try at your next rockin’ shower and your friends will be demanding an encore - as in they’ll want you to gift them with one too!

The best part of every baby shower has got to be sitting around watching the mama-to-be unwrap and endless stream of gifts, right? NO! Ugh. We've all been to showers that are a snooze, so if you are throwing a fete, step it up and celebrate with an afternoon that will rival a Stones backstage party circa '72! (Hey, just 'cuz mom can't drink doesn't mean the guests have to suffer, right?)

A few ideas for baby shower games that won't get you booed off stage:

  • Compile a photo collage and match the baby photo to the rockstar for an easy game that guests can participate in while they wait. (Who doesn't love looking at baby pictures? Especially ones of adorable rockstars?!)
  • For a twist on the “Don’t Say That!” steal the necklace game, print out VIP backstage passes for each guest. If anyone gets caught saying "baby" their pass gets taken, and the guest with the most passes at the end of the party wins a prize.
  • Serve random food and drink and match the rocker with their backstage rider request (rumor has it Aerosmith demands corn on the cob, fresh, cooked for 3 minutes only, and Iggy Pop needs broccoli....???)
  • A backstage baby bottle chug always gets any party started! (But you didn't hear that from us!)

Check out our Baby Shower Gifts and Party Ideas on Pinterest for even more inspiration. From rock-n-roll cakes to ticket stub diaper raffle tickets, it's time to get this party started!

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