Thursday, November 27, 2008

Let's Talk Turkey!

Well, here is our Turkey Lurkey full of everyone's thanks! We had a total of 202 feathers, and we cannot wait to distribute the corresponding food to the Association House to help families in need, as well as all the cool toys and clothes everyone brought in for our present drive! You've seen the virtual feathers, but here is a picture of all of the feathers combined - our Turkey is complete. Thank you all for your interest in our Food Drive - we couldn't have done it without you. A special thanks for the feathers donated by Greylan H.'s class at school (Thank you, kids,for your thoughts and creativity! And a special thank you to Grey for his organizational skills and big, big heart!)

Thank you all for your help, from the bottom of our hearts. We leave you with one feather's message, dictated by a three-year old in our brick and mortar to her Mommy. We are thankful for "All the love!"

-posted by Kristina


  1. Thank you Psychobaby. You are a asset to our community in every way, happy holidays.

  2. You are very welcome- we were happy inside and out making our turkey and the thanks really should go to all the people who stopped to fill out a feather and give thanks and the lovely people at Association House making the community a brighter and more wonderful place for all!


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