Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Psycho Baby of the Month is on the move!

Thank you all so much for your entries in our Psycho Baby of the Month 'contest!' Everyone enjoys seeing all of the lil Psycho Babies bringing the cuteness, and we get lots and lots of mail about how awesome and fun the contest is! While the POM brings lots of joy (yay!), we also know there has been a bit of frustration due to the possibility that the poll potentially opens the door to voting early and often (bummer)!
That said, we know everyone's in agreement that the point of the POM is to celebrate all the cool, crazy kids and so we have decided to give the babes a more prominent spot within the blog instead of on the side going forward, which will also live under our 'Contest' tab!
The new way to vote is by leaving a comment with the name of the one you are voting for (bye-bye poll!), so that way everybody can share their love of the photo, add a caption and we can generally have more merriment, 'cause the POM makes us all really happy! At the close of each month the comments will close for counting and the winner's profile will be displayed in our blog! We hope you all enjoy the POM's new home!


  1. Brody's big blue eyes are amazing!

  2. Zane's smile could brighten anyone's day!

  3. Slater is total psychobaby material! so cute!

  4. Slater ROCKS! so cute!

  5. Loving baby slater... he should be the next psychobaby of the month!


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