Friday, November 27, 2009

Psychobaby's Cyber Monday Preview!

Well, Cyber Monday is almost here and we just wanted to give you the heads up that the Psychobaby Cyber Monday is going to be Off the Hook cool and crazy. Now, we just can't spill the beans about Monday's happenings yet, as we have been sworn to secrecy by the co-founders in a ceremony that involves a super complicated secret handshake, for which we have profound respect, and can no longer remember.

That said, we are jazzed. So freaking jazzed, we might say, that we wanted to share a glimpse of our preparations for Cyber Monday with you. This behind-the-scenes look at Psychobaby involved early morning wake-ups, copious amounts of coffee a whole lotta laughs and, for some unknown reason, a tape measure. Meet the Cyber Monday crew below, and then get on over to that email club sign up on the right nav and be the first one to get the scoop on the super cool awesome that is Cyber Monday.

Lisa (co-founder, practical joker, and knower-of-all-things-girl)

As one of the two lovely co-founders of Psychobaby, Lisa is very busy steering Ye Olde Ship, but always carefully balances her family life with Psychobaby (thank goodness she aced the balance beam in kindergarten!) Always the over-achiever and perktastic early bird Lisa woke up at 4am every morning to do sets of curls - ribbon curls, that is. She has said that at the midnight of Cyber Monday she will eat not only one, but two bowls of Wheaties with her beloved Diet Coke just to insure speedy success. Since Lisa has two little girls, tulle is like a drug to her- producing Visions Of Sugarplums and All That Jazz, and so for Cyber Monday she is most excited about starting babies off right with the tiny lil petal tutus from Pamela and Co. She also loves the Color-Your-Own-Messenger Bag from Alex because of its gifty price, and the Schylling Fairy Tent, in which she claims we will all be preparing bowls of Wheaties in on Sunday night. We think she is kidding, but you just never know with her.

Marlo (co-founder, knower-of-all-things-boy, classic rock enthusiast)

As one of the co-founders, Marlo is also busy, busy, busy steering Ye Olde Ship, whilst also Mom-ing her three boys who, contrary to popular belief, have not been made of frogs, snails, or puppy dog tails. Army Men, crafts and guitars maybe, but never, ever puppy dog tails 'cos that would just be mean. The night owl of the crew (ying to Lisa's alarm-clock lovin' yang), Marlo can create the coolest of gift guides while tucking her boys into bed, ordering more Bob Marley tees, wearing a tape measure around her neck (we're not sure why, we just roll with it)- all while drinking a mocha with one hand tied behind her back because she's a Mom and Moms can do everything with only one hand 'cos they're cool like that. To prepare for Cyber Monday, Marlo has Pied Pipered the hottest graphic designer to create the Psychobaby Custom Tee collection, of which she is very proud (so proud she holds them on one arm while doing 50 bazillion other things.) Her top picks for Cyber Monday are the Schylling Metal Speedster, the Noodlehead Picasso Art Kit, and the new Erector set, which she is currently trying to turn into a robot that makes mochas.

Kristina (general manager and go-to, copywriter, crazy for books)

As the GM of Psychobaby, Kristina can be found in the brick and mortar store talking up a storm worthy of a Weather Channel report, furiously tapping on her laptop while she sips coffee, reading Mo Willems to all the Psychobabies, and overseeing all Psychobaby shenanigans. In preparation for Cyber Monday, Kristina has been doing manager stuff and writer stuff while she listens to Marlo's Bob Marley and eats Lisa's box of Wheaties, all while polishing those roller skates, 'cos ya gotta look sharp on CM. Two of her Cyber Monday favorites include the Pop-Up Book Of Me, which is the right kinda self-centered, and the Very Busy Box because she embraces super awesome tissue paper chaos as long as there are enough googly eyes to go around. Kristina loves gifts both big and small, and wants to make sure everyone knows about the magic of the FairyTale Wishes Go Away Monster Aromatherapy Spray, and the Rockabye Baby CD's because her lil pal Mylo sleeps once more (wootwoot). Kristina would also like to send a shout-out to Elmo, as she feels his talking-in-the-3rd-person-pain.

Alicia (Head of Online Customer Service, Overjoyed
by tunics and leggings)

Alicia spends her days talking to our cool, crazy clients, which is why we are all secretly super jealous of her. She types like, 5 billion words per minute and has a delightful phone voice which makes her super great at helping people find that cool, crazy stuff they are looking for. In prep for the Cyber Monday, Alicia has practiced saying "Thank you for calling Psychobabyonline" in different languages (her Korean is perfection) while having search-box races on the website, for which she has won a Yoplait-top Olympic medal, Office style. Alicia looooves the Wes and Willy vest and thermal, which she would gift with an Alex heart tea set and the Haba cupcakes. She would like attend your tea party (as she has just purchased a new bonnet) so send your evites to our web address. Right now. Seriously.

Linday (Online Merchandising Diva, Lover-of-All-Things- Striped, Mrs. Russia)

Linday names all inanimate objects "Todd" and is in a rock n roll band. She sounds fascinating, right? Unfortunately, she can't talk right now because we have chained to her desk. The last we heard from her she said "AHHAHHAHHA!" which roughly translated means she loves the Jumpin' Junior Trampoline and the Learn-to-Play Piano because on the rare occasion we let her get up from said desk, she likes to jump around and tickle the ivories.

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  1. Awww....I miss you all so much!!!!!!!!! And I miss being part of the crew. :( Let's do PsychoBaby Greece! I mean it. :)))

    Hugs and kisses to all of you from lovely Greece!


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