Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Boogers show and Crusty B.'s Top Punk "Picks"

It's no secret we love the Boogers. Nope, not the ones that come out of your nose, but the Chicago band that resonates with old and young punks alike! The Boogers write about kids things care about like "I'm So Glad I've Got Teeth." They blend their punk rock and child development background into fast paced and high-energy songs that make even the most jaded-about-"kids"- music- 8-year-old mosh around with joy. And they are the only kids band we know with a rec from the Ramones tour manager, Monte A. Melnick, who said, "There will be no stoppin' the kids from hoppin' after listening to this music."

We are totally psyched to announce that the Boogers have a new album! "Let's Go!" their follow-up to "the Road to Rock" has just been released to kudos from kiddies and Daily Candy, who named it one of the Best Albums of 2010! So, "Let's Go!" listen to it one more time - with songs like "Otto's Orange Day, " " Pop Goes the Weasel" and "Alright" you'll actually be psyched if this one gets left on repeat! And "Let's Go!" to the Boogers CD release show at Subterranean this coming Saturday, where we'll be ready to rock with tees for the first 50 in attendance! But right now, "Let's Go!" with Crusty B. (also known as Paul) who stopped by to give us his Top 5 "Adult" punk rock songs for kids! So, oi! if your kids have been inspired by the Boogers, here are a few more tunes to add to their rep:

Top 5 Punk Songs for Kids

1) "Rockaway Beach" - Ramones
2) "PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)" - Bad Brains
3) "I Like Short Songs" - Dead Kennedys
4) "Telepath Boy" - Zeke
5) "My Many Smells" - Dead Milkmen

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