Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Uno, Dos, Tres, Taco Time!

It's hard to believe by looking out the window that Cinco de Mayo is here! I usually correlate this holiday with basking in early summer weather after over eating Mexican food. This year, after looking at another disappointing 10 day forecast for Chicago, I hit the pavement to find the heat on my own...wrapped in a tortilla.

 picture from toxiferous

Amy's top 4 places to get your eat and heat on in Chicago (all kid friendly).

4. Lazos Tacos - 2009 North Western Avenue
It's one of the most heated debates I find myself in: Aturos or Lazos. Western Ave is home to two side by side, 24 hour taco joints. Once you make your stance known between the two, you never set food in the other again. My loyalty is found in Lazos, where you can pick up just about anything your stomach is craving from south of the border. I am partial to their queso fundito. Order it once and I am sure that you will never walk next door to Aturos again.

3. Irazu - 1865 N. Milwaukee
Ok, so Irazu is Costa Rican, but when it comes to burritos they have it down to a well crafted science. I stick with the chorizo mixed with hot pickled peppers. They wrap it up with a authentic Costa Rican secret sauce and call it a day. Simple and delicious, it's one of the most crave worthy burritos in Chicago.

2. Big Star - 1531 North Damen Avenue
Big Star is quickly becoming a Psychobaby Crew favorite (We have eaten there three times this week!). I was sad to see Pontiac Grill go, but when I got word that a hip taco joint opened up there and made good use of the giant patio, a giant smile crept across my face. Walk up window or sit down, Big Stars pork belly and fish tacos are some of the best I have had. I can imagine that once the summer sun makes it's way here I will find myself on their patio, margarita in hand, all summer long.

1. La Pasadita - 1132 N. Ashland Ave.
If you have ever driven down Ashland ave, near Division, it's quite possible that your first questions are "why do three restaurants right next to each other have the same name? Why does this street smell like awesome steak?". La Pasadita took over the street and with good reason. I find myself here weekly feasting on the chili rellenos taco, their superb guacamole and of course carne asada by the shovelful, all topped off with hand squeezed orange juice. This is my long time favorite and will always remain number one in my book. As for which one of the three to go to? I choose the sit down restaurant, number #1132.

Everyone has their own foodie favorites and as a taco connoisseur, I would love to add yours to my summer eat-athon directory (although if you says Aturo's....) so start sharing and start the fiesta!

- Amy K

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