Thursday, June 30, 2011

Baby, you're a firework!

Hey, have a pyrophobic Psychobaby on your hands this holiday weekend? I definitely was one. I hate fires in a fireplace, matches, birthday candles... you name it, I'll be standing 10 yards away. So the Fourth of July was always TERRIFYING to me. The only kind of fireworks I could handle were those silly little popper things that you throw at the ground.

I can still barely hold on to a sparkler for fear that it might explode.

Don't worry, even if you or your little ones are scaredy-cats like me or this kid, you can still have some slightly explosive fun this Fourth of July weekend.

Going to the beach or have a sandbox/nice pile of dirt in your yard? Grab the baking soda and vinegar and build a mini volcano!

Form the sand into a mountain shape, scoop out a place in the top to stick a plastic cup, throw some baking soda in, and top it off with some vinegar! No fear here... Get as close as you want to watch your super scientific eruption ensue!!

I made one of these volcanoes last fall to entertain a bored little dude at a wedding reception, and I think I might have even had more fun with it than he did.

Bubbles are always a fail-safe outdoor activity, chasing & popping them never gets boring! Melissa & Doug makes these great bubble buckets, less mess and more fun!

And if you're somewhere with some concrete that could use a little color - here's a cool alternative to sidewalk chalk!

Spray Chalk

List of Ingredients:

4 tablespoons of cornstarch
1 cup of warm water
4 - 6 drops of food coloring
1 small spray bottle

Mix all ingredients in bowl. Pour mixture into spray bottle. Shake and spray. This spray chalk washes off. Use it to paint on sand, snow or the sidewalk.

I would totally pick up several of the little travel spray bottles you can get at Target or a drugstore and make a whole bunch of different colors... it's kind of like liquid rainbow fireworks!

Have fun & a SAFE, awesome Fourth!!

Katy Perry - Firework

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