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Arrested Development: Psychobaby's Bluth Family Baby Fashion Guide

A couple weeks ago, the entertainment world received some of the most exciting news of the decade. Arrested Development is coming BACK! We were so excited about the news that our obsessed brains just could not stop seeing certain products on certain characters.

We have a simple solution when this happens. Last time, we compared rockers to jocks, before that we showed you how to give your baby that Tarantino look. Now, we're taking the entire Bluth (and Funkë) family and creating the world's first ever Bluth Family Baby Fashion Guide! (Cue the ukulele riff)

Michael Bluth

The one son who had no choice but to keep the Bluth family together. Michael is all about the family business of building homes. Before his father, George Sr., was arrested for some "light" treason, the company had been doing work with Saddam Hussein. Now that dad is behind bars, it's up to Michael to keep the family from getting in more trouble.

The two most important things to Michael are family and breakfast. He strives to pass these values onto his son, George Michael Bluth (more on him later). No matter how many times his misguided family comes to him for help, Michael never lets things get personal. He's even been accused of being a robot several times in the series, based on his inability to cry.

Melissa and Doug's Construction Worker Playset is perfect for any executive who wants to fit in while supervising a build.

Kids Republic's Robot 2fer features an animated robot. Guaranteed not to cry.

Gob Bluth

Gob has a habit of making huge mistakes. Whether he's getting married after a series of escalating dares, giving seals a taste for mammal blood, or working on his latest "illusion" as a magician who demands to be taken seriously, it seems that George-Oscar Bluth (Gob for short) is always up to something.

As the oldest brother of the family, you would think that Gob would feel entitled to his brother Michael's position as the boss, and you would be right. Gob deals with his insecurities by interfering with his brother's job using his "office magic" and taunting Michael, frequently inferring that Michael's behavior is similar to that of a chicken.
Gob's biggest claim to fame probably involves his sassy puppet, Franklin Delano Bluth. Franklin was even deposed during George Sr.'s trial... Okay, it was just his mock trial, but Franklin inadvertently saved the day in a way that Gob never could.

Manhattan Toys' Blue Monstie for the aspiring ventriloquist. Attitude not included.

Whether your little chicken claps, waves, or dances, this Psychobaby original lets people know he's not one to be messed with.

If Gob ever decides to retire the "office magic" this Fuzzy Piggy Bank from Melissa and Doug will keep all of those pennies safe.

Lindsay Fünke

Lindsay is the political one of the bunch... as long as being political benefits her lazy and extravagant lifestyle in the long run. Lindsay is actually a bit on the self-centered side. The first time she visits her father in jail she actually becomes upset that none of his fellow inmates try to hit on her. In turn, she dresses more provacatively to get the attention she needs.

When she's not focused on a protest, Lindsay puts all of her effort into having extra-marital affairs with... well, just about anyone. Much to her and most of her family's dismay, Lindsay is married to analyst / therapist / actor Tobias Fünke (much, much more on him later). As a couple, they are fairly incompatible. When Lindsay doesn't get the attention she desires from Tobias she, once again, dresses more provacatively to get the attention she needs.

Appaman's Black Twirly Skirt would definitely get Lindsay some of that attention she's after.

This KISS tee from Sourpuss represents Lindsay's avoidance of anything remotely resembling work.

George Michael Bluth

George Michael Bluth (not to be confused with singer-songwriter George Michael) is a bit of a nerd. Fresh out of his adolescent headgear, George Michael is becoming a man. His first order of growing up is to begin managing the Bluth family banana stand.

As Mr. Manager, George Michael doesn't have much time for fun, but he still manages to score a girlfriend named Egg... or Ann... or something? It doesn't matter, because the true love of his life is his cousin, Maeby. Before rising to the prominent position of banana stand manager, George Michael was a bit of a nerd. One of the most famous Bluth family videos features George Michael re-enacting a Star Wars jedi lightsaber fight so vigorously that prosecutors suspected it to be a terrorist training tape.

For the future Jedi who wants to know everything there is to know about the Star Wars universe

For all of the Mr. Managers-in-Training, a banana sundae to practice on for long hours in the stand.

Let's face it, Michael Cera (the actor who plays George Michael) is adorable. Plus it has a banana on it!

Maeby Fünke

The unlikely offspring of Lindsay and Tobias Fünke, Maeby, has but one desire in this world: To be as far away from her parents as possible. She even lies her way into a job as a Hollywood movie producer just to get out of the house. Maeby's cousin, George Michael, is hopelessly infatuated with her, causing him to uncover her mysterious past as a possibly-adopted, probable-test-tube-baby.

One of our favorite Maeby moments takes place during the Bluth company Christmas party. Her and her Uncle Michael sing an awkward karaoke rendition of "Afternoon Delight," completely oblivious to the song's innuendo until about halfway through. It's a typical Bluth family moment.

"Skyyyy rockets in flight..."

The mystery of Maeby's true origins has been a source of many hopeful moments for George-Michael

Tobias Fünke

A former therapist and current hopeful actor (no reality TV), Lindsay's husband Tobias is so oblivious and self-destructive that he puts Gob to shame. He is also a "never-nude," which is exactly what it sounds like. Tobias never removes his cut-off denim shorts. Ever.

What Tobias lacks in talent and common sense, he makes up for with his persistence and... well, that's about it. He mistakenly becomes an unused stand-in for the Blue Man Group, thinking they were a supported group for depressed gentlemen. In his longest "acting" gig, he pretends to be a British nanny for his own family (sound familiar?), committing to the bit for weeks until his inner desire to be found out takes over. He may not be a Bluth by blood, but he's got what it takes to be a part of the dysfunction.

Become completely blue without painting yourself. No more handprints on the wall!

Order this pair and about 11 more to make sure you get the coverage you need.

George Bluth Sr.

George Sr. is supposed to be the patriarch, the provider, the... prisoner. For most of the first three seasons of the series, George is a criminal. In prison, he fakes a heart attack to escape to Mexico. In Mexico, he fakes his death to escape to be with his wife, Lucille. When he's with his wife, he tries to escape using a jetpack because she's too affectionate.

When he isn't trying to run away, George is either trying to pit his two sons, Michael and Gob, against each other, or trying to illegally run his company from behind bars. He is internationally remembered as the man who invented the "Cornballer," a machine that makes fried cornballs, and burns the forearms of all those who use it.

After a failed escape attempt, George can be found in the back of an emergency vehicle

"¡Soy loco por los Cornballs!"

A business suit for a true business man.

Buster Bluth

Buster is more of an "academic" than a business man, magician, or activist. He enjoys "scholarly pursuits," like giving back rubs, dating his mother's best friend (who, oddly, is also named Lucille), pretending to join the army, and being afraid of just about everything that moves. Including the ocean. Buster is also very, very fond of his mother. So fond that she still takes her post-partum depression medication to handle their strange relationship.

Buster does, eventually, overcome his fear of large bodies of water and, upon his first big swim, loses a hand to a loose circus seal with a taste for mammal blood. Buster has a hard time overcoming the loss of his hand, often proclaiming "I'm a monster!" when his disability affects others. Continuing the tradition of dysfunctional origins, we learn that Buster's father is not, in fact, George Sr. His true father is George Sr.'s twin brother, Oscar.

A perfect Halloween costume for Uncle Monster... err.. Buster.

This seems completely mental-age appropriate.

Truer words were never spoken.

Lucille Bluth

In the conclusion of season 3, we learn that Lucille is actually the showrunner when it comes to both the family and the Bluth company. She has a habit of manipulating those around her in order to get her way. She's usually had a bit too much to drink, often claiming that it's acceptable because it's already one in the afternoon.

Throughout the series, Lucille is displayed as a cold-hearted, uncaring mother who tends to take the wrong approach when it comes to raising her children. Even as adults, Lindsay won't eat in front of her, Buster sleeps in her bed, and Michael seems pretty sure that she will kill anyone who gets in the way of the Bluth company's success.

No matter how much legal trouble her and her family are in, Lucille refuses to let it affect her lifestyle.

Add about nine martinis to that order and you're getting close...

... It was Arrested Development.

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