Monday, February 13, 2012

Punk Rock Baby Gifts for the Aspiring "Little Jimmy"

The best Rock 'n' Roll musical since Tommy is coming to Chi Town! Since Billy Joe and the boys are all now parents of Psychobabies of their own, or Psychoteens in Billy Joe's case, we thought we'd honor the occasion with this irreverently cute, adorably rebellious suite of punk baby clothes. Gabba gabba hey, indeed!
Clockwise from the left: Green Day Infant One-piece, $20.00, Zubels Rockstar Monkey, $19.00 - $26.00, Okutani UK Punk Rock Flag one-piece, $17.00, Me in Mind Checkered Slip-On Baby Shoes, $26.00, Okutani Punk Rock Baby Hat, $10.00, Green Day Lullaby CD, $16.98, Psychobaby Personalized Punk Patch Baby One-Piece, $26.00, Rock Star Pacifier, $7.00

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