Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kidzapalooza Style!

Festival Fashion for Kidzapalooza!

Rock and roll gifts for kids are one of our specialties, so with yesterday's announcement of the Lollapalooza line-up we had to provide our hip festival fashion picks for all the Psychobabies out there! Kiddos 10 and under get free admittance to Lolla with a paying adult ticket, which has got to be the deal of the century for rock stars in training. Expect some serious style, and some major rockin' and rolling from the Kidzapalooza crowd. Keep your eyes peeled for Okutani, Chaser, Jannuzzi, and Psychobaby's personalized tees and bibs in Grant Park come August. We think this year's fashion line-up is pretty solid, but what about the bands? If you could take your Psychobaby to any concert, who would be rocking out on stage? When we find a time machine we will plan some sort of fantasy Grateful Dead/Led Zeppelin/Johnny Cash tour, with plenty of beer, free onsite babysitters, and mandatory double encores. Who's in?!

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