Friday, July 13, 2012

Instant Awesome: Rockstar Baby Gifts!



Rockstar styles make Instant Awesome Gifts for kids! From stage diving to Voguing, if your Psychobaby has the moves we've got the threads to keep 'em looking hip! Rockin' dudes and divas can enjoy swag that takes them from the stage to the after party at their crib. Good news for the backstage crew: Mom and Dad can still find a sitter and catch a gig before the encore with the help from a Rockabye Baby CD or a rockin' bedtime book!

Rocker babies who have retired from a life on the road, we have tons of other instant awesome gifts that will be right up your alley! Like ice cream of cheeseburgers? Yeah, we thought so. Rocker, roller, or food lover - whatever kind of Psychobaby you are - find your perfect style match when you shop our Instant Awesome Gifts!

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