Friday, September 7, 2012

Have a friend that ROCKS and is about to pop?

 Rock and roll baby gifts are a great way to remind mama-to-be that her raucous ways don’t have to go away just because parenthood is around the corner. Sure, hitting the bottle at midnight will soon take on a different meaning, and she might start carpooling in her old touring van on a daily basis, but there is an upside! A lil’ rocker will be the best superfan a parent could ever dream of, and raising a kid to enjoy a life of music can only bring more good things to the world. (And rock star babies always have the best style - hello Kingston Rossdale!) The best part? Some day that kiddo will grow up and get their first “Mom” tattoo. Awwwww...all thanks to great rock-n-roll parenting. Start your friend off on the right track with a baby gift that ROCKS, and let’s hear it for all the preggo punks, rockabillies, and rockers; for those about to pop, we salute you!

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