Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Caught by the Fuzz!

Mustache clothing for baby and kids is the best way to get caught by the fuzz! Jump on the facial fuzz bandwagon and take your kiddo from clean-shaven cool to handlebar hip with the addition of a cool t-shirt or bib. Don't stop there! We have hats, flip-flops, frames - the list goes on and on, much like a lengthy 'stache.

Ram Singh Chauhan 
Speaking of lengthy 'staches, the current world record for the longest mustache belongs to Ram Singh Chauhan of India, with facial fuzz measuring 14 feet! One of Ram's grooming tips for growing a super-long mustache is to start early, so you better get on it, Psychobabies!

Unrelated to mustaches, remember the great 90's track from Supergrass, Caught by the Fuzz? Such a classic British sound from that era. Peep the vid below while you are shopping our 'stache of fuzzy goodies!

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