Thursday, July 4, 2013

Save 30% And Tattoo Your Kid

Tattoo gifts for babies and kids are 30% off in this week's Ready, Set, Go Sale - safer and much less expensive than getting the real thing! Ink up your baby with our flash inspired True Love One-Piece, or if you really mean business, grab some temporary tattoos and go to town like Vandal, one of our Psychobaby of the Month Contest winners [find out how you can win here]! 

Of course, you can always just have your little punk broadcast how cool you are - check out our My Mom's Tattoo's One-Piece and our My Dad's Tattoos Tee. It's a fun (and pacifistic) twist on the old "my dad can beat up your dad!" 
Tattoo themed tees and gifts are always a good choice for the hippest babies and kids in your shop now and save!

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