Sunday, October 26, 2014

Personalized Superhero Capes For Kids Are Here
Personalized capes for kids have hit the Psychobaby Custom Shop!
We know, your little dude is more Lightning McQueen than Steve McQueen. Which just means that instead of the Great Escape, your superhero-in-training needs the Greatest Cape!

Six awesome new personalized cape styles are now available in our custom shop for all your dress-up and world-saving needs, check 'em out:

The personalized princess cape for her highness the heroine:

Personalized Her Royal Highness Cape

The personalized pirate cape for your super scallywag:

Personalized It's A Pirate's Life Cape
Several colors of our classic personalized superhero star cape for ladies & gents alike:

Personalized skull capes for your hipster hero:
Personalized My First Tattoo Cape FuchsiaPersonalized My First Tattoo Cape Red

Personalized punk rock princess cape, for those future queens who rule with an iron (maiden) fist:

Only $16 a piece, these capes are not only a total steal.... they're actually on sale right now for $10!  Seriously! Go shop our personalized cape collection and snag some sweet super stocking stuffers while this deal is on! And just so you know you're in good company, here's a few of our fave celebs wearing capes:

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