Friday, June 12, 2015

5 Ways To Tell If Your Baby is a Dinosaur

Another season of Summer Blockbuster Movies is here, and what better to start us off than another totally kick-ass installment of the Jurassic Park movies, Jurassic World!  Kids love dinosaurs. However, what you may not know is exactly how much your newborn has in common with a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The truth may be shocking, but it's better to know now and be prepared. So, we've compiled a few comparisons to help you answer the age-old question: 

Is your baby a dinosaur? 

1. Spine-chilling cries/roars 
You can hear them from a mile away and the volume and resonance is terrifying and usually a precursor for something awful. 

2. Tiny Arms 

This may be your only advantage against them! If you can keep out of their reach, you just might avoid getting harmed and/or avoid complete destruction of property. 


3. Razor sharp finger nails/claws
With even the slightest touch, these tiny knives can cause cuts so deep you need stitches...if you manage to keep your limb! 

4. Capable of total destruction of property in a blink of an eye
You can't let them out of your sight, because if you so much as BLINK, everything is wrecked. 


5. Messy Eaters
Whether they are ripping the head off of a stegosaurus or a goldfish cracker, you better believe they will leave a trail of food crumbs in their wake.  


Don't say we didn't warn you... 

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