Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Joy of a Funny Baby Gift!

We've been told that everyone poops, and anyone familiar with the diapers and the wipes knows that you just haven't lived until you've sniffed around your baby's butt in public (is that you, little guy, or the next kid over?) to see if it's time for a changing!
Give those new parents a baby gift that brings a breath of fresh air to the baby shower with the Everyone Poops Gift from At least then, they'll be laughing about those stinky diapers (maybe!)!

From the left:
Everyone Poops, $13.95: A classic tale of... well, everyone pooping, sure to delight any young growing mind!
L/S Sir Poopsalot Onesie, $28: Available in 0-6, 6-12 and 12-18 months, all we have to say is that we "like diapered butts and we cannot lie!"
Plain Mary Burp Cloths, $53: Taking saying what you mean to a whole new level, this set of four embroidered burp cloths comes in a little suitcase perfect for storing toys and such, or for taking the show "Puke, Poop, Tinkle, Gross" on the road!
Poo Factory Pacifier, $7.00: This clever pacifier tell everyone what your creative little baby is manufacturing!

Shop for Funny Baby Gifts now at!

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