Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Schubas Family Series presents... Boogers

Boogers are just a slimy fact of life! For those of us that might puke if we hear another purple dinosaur tune, you'll love our new found find! Psychobaby is in love with Boogers! Check em out this weekend as Shubas!!

Kids 2 & under get in FREE!

The Boogers are the brainchild of musician and developmental psychologist Paul Crowe aka Crusty Booger.

Paul spent the late 80's-90's playing, writing and touring the U.S. as a bassist with a number of Chicago-based punk and post-punk bands. During this time, Paul was lucky enough to share the stage with two of his rock n' roll idols: -- Dee Dee Ramone (& the Chinese Dragons), and Marky Ramone (& the Intruders). His musical talents are not constrained to one genre...Paul also played for five years with the Loyola University Jazz Band.

Somehow, across 6 albums and hundreds of shows, Paul completed a Ph.D in Developmental Psychology at Loyola University, found the love of his life and became the proud father of three sons.

What came next was a natural evolution -- he married his passion for classic punk to his knowledge of child and language development through music to create, play and record his hyped-up, irreverent music for his sons and friends' kids. Children's music that brings the chord-driven rock -- and isn't lame!

Saturday 02/20/2010 4:00 PM All Ages $5.00

    Schubas Tavern
  • 3159 N. Southport
  • Chicago, IL 60657
  • TEL: 773-525-2508
  • FAX: 773-525-4573

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